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Benefits of Silicon for Bone Health

Silicon and Bone Health

Silicon is one of the most abundant elements in the universe and is fundamental to the basic bone and skeletal structure of each and every one of us.

Generally speaking, the American diet does not provide enough of several nutrients that we need to support and maintain bones – and we’re not just talking about calcium and vitamin D. Silicon is one of those important nutrients. You can get silicon in whole grains, green beans, and beer, but most Americans aren’t getting the amount of silicon they need for better bone health.

Silicon is a breakthrough ingredient for bone health supplements and it directly impacts all aspects of bone care. In addition to its many benefits to bones, silicon also promotes healthier skin, hair and nails. Silicon is significantly involved in the earliest stages of collagen production and bone formation. In fact, bone won't form without adequate amounts of dietary silicon.

Silicon must be replenished in the body as we age to maintain healthy bones.

Silicon has a unique relationship with calcium because it works to attract calcium to bone. Bone calcification helps form new bone and strengthens mature bone. Silical System is formulated with an organic form of silicon and other nutrients that work to improve the effects of calcium and vitamin D.

Silicon also contributes to bone in other ways. The strength of your bones is extremely important to your risk of fracturing a bone from a fall. While a DEXA scan measures bone weight, it does not completely measure bone quality – and both are important for bone strength.

Bone quality depends on the structure of bone. Think of a bridge that needs strength to avoid collapse; the amount of iron gives weight to the bridge, but the foundation of the bridge or cracks that develop in the structure may be more important than the amount of iron in the bridge. The DXA scan helps measure of the amount of calcium in bone, but the DXA scan is an incomplete measure of overall bone quality.

Bone quality also depends on the health of bone collagen because collagen is the support structure of bone. Silicon helps form bone collagen and strengthens collagen protein. This is the same type of collagen that also supports hair, skin and nails so silicon supplements have added benefits. Silicon increases thickness and strength of hair, helps smooth damaged skin, and improves brittle nails.

For bone health, 40 milligrams of dietary silicon a day is the amount associated with increased bone density. Unfortunately the typical food intake of an American woman in her 50’s only provides about half that amount. Silical System provides 30 mg of an organic form of silicon to help reach the daily amount associated with improved bone density.

For those with low bone mass, adding a supplement with adequate amounts of silicon plus other important nutrients can help make up for the missing nutrients in the average American diet. Women begin to lose bone mass after age 30 years so it’s never too early to begin your bone health program with Silical System, healthy foods and exercise.

Silical System® is a natural bone health supplement with calcium and vitamin D, plus the breakthrough ingredient silicon – to strengthen collagen for bone, skin, hair and nails.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn how other nutrients work with silicon for healthier bones – and hair, skin, and nails.

Physicians, click here for studies on silicon and bone health.